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Good sushi place. For a set of 30 pieces paid only 17.90, what I thing is cheap for that quality. Ofcourse quality is not the best I know, but it is more than enough for that price tag

Артем Акимцев

Great sushi and a big plus for the option to use and reuse metal containers for delivery. Finally you can order sushi without all the plastic garbage.

Ronny Schmidt

Fast pickup!My food was ready in 10 mins and super good, one of the best sushi in the area in my opinion and they´re friendly and accommodating as well!

Jennifer Washington

Super freundliche Mitarbeiter und lecker und sauber, nicht immer selbstverständlich

David Lorenz

Good price, good Sushi, my goto sushi place for takeout in the area. especially like the big fried rolls.

Jason Black